Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama's propaganda ministry gets to work

And makes a fool of itself in the process.  By now, most folks are starting to notice that Obama is not that inspiring. He's rather bland really.  Dull.  Dare I say, boring?  And he can't speak well.  He stammers, bumbles, fumbles.   When he gives a speech now, it's at best reserved and monotone.  At worst, he puts his foot in his mouth and creates an international stir, as with Israel in the recent days.

When he is off his speech, however, it can be almost painful to hear.  Nearly as bad as George W. Bush.  Not that bad, but nearly.  His pauses, his stops, his 'ums', and 'uhs' and verbal trips make for excruciating listening.  Not that presidents have to be academy award winning actors at speech delivery or anything.  But come on, the guy's just not that good.  But in preparing for 2012, with the press insisting that all of this economy isn't really that bad, that overseas the world loves us even if they don't give us what we ask for, and everything is really OK and nobody cares that Obama was overseas while his own people were dying from one natural disaster after another, the Propaganda Ministry took note of another thing that could be a chink in the armor. 

And so Meghan Daum takes keyboard in hand and informs us that it isn't that Obama is a bad speaker.  No.  It's just that he's so darn smart.  You see, he's an intellectual.  He's intelligent.  He's ivy league.  When he stumbles, it's because his keen and piercing intellect is so far beyond the normal human experience that the mere muscles of his vocal chords can't keep up.  Us not-Obama types just don't realize the power of his intellectual superiority.  That's why it looks like he can't speak worth a darn, but in reality is demonstrating his cognitive superiority. 

Sometimes you don't need the comedy channel.

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