Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thumbs up for Bush?

In an unusual piece, runs a story interviewing the children who were in the classroom, listening to stories read with President George W. Bush on that fateful September 11th day.  Of course, Bush has been blasted for his reactions that day.  Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and others on the radical Left have amassed many hours lampooning him and attacking him for not immediately jumping up and doing something they are always at a loss to explain.  Yet the kids who were there have another view.  Those interviewed and asked were apparently glad he handled it the way he did.  Which is how most thinking Americans who don't worship at the altar of party affiliation tend to see it.  Do you think Bush was a bad president?  Do you think he botched things in the ensuing years?  Fine.  But as many are saying about the raid on Bin Laden today regarding President Obama, give credit where it is due.  Don't be a Moore/Maher/Limbaugh who must take any moment of joy and celebration and crush it to score political victory points.  Just be a real human who can tell when to speak, when to cry, and when to celebrate.

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