Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Because the Huffington Post loves censorship

They didn't post my response to Joshua Kors' droolfest over Dan Savage of 'It Gets Better' fame.  That's not surprising of course.  Nothing loves censorship nowadays more than the postmodern Left.  It's the dream they have that someday the Bill Of Rights will only apply tho those who have embraced Righthink, with the corresponding derision, mockery, ostracizing, censorship, and oppression of those who fail to conform to the Left's dogmatic definitions of diversity.

Anyhoo, the post, as I explained yesterday, was a celebration of Savage's push to keep homosexual teens from committing suicide by promising them that it will get better once they've gotten away from all those hateful bigots like teachers, preachers, and parents who don't affirm their focus on wanting whatever they want despite the ramifications.  Rather than take on that - since what can you say about someone who is trying to keep teenagers from committing suicide, especially since homosexuals still rank high in suicide rates, making it a legit problem - I chose to focus on the undertone of Kors' introduction to Savage. This paragraph in particular was my focal point for my post on Huffpost:
Dan Savage first made his mark with his nationally syndicated sex advice column, Savage Love, an X-rated guide for a generation of kink-savvy readers, from youths interested in trying anal sex to married adults considering a three-way tryst. A gay activist—for years he asked readers to address him as "Hey, Faggot!"—Savage appears regularly on Bill Maher and The Colbert Report, confronting conservatives who condemn gay marriage and denounce gay sex as half a step from bestiality.
I know I can't think of anything  better for our country than nationally endorsed media celebrities going around helping our youth try anal sex.  Of course they have to focus on Conservatives who compare homosexuality as a step away from bestiality.  After all, conservatives used to warn that accepting gay sex would lead to three-way trysts and teaching youth how to have anal sex.  In the days of Phil Donahue, such gibberish was smacked down as the obvious result of homophobic bigotry and intolerance that it was.

Well, since that's pretty much what happened, the only thing left for them to do is deny the only thing not officially endorsed by the growing percentage of the gay rights community.  We've opened the doors wide for polygamy, polyamorous relationships, group sex, three-way trysts, and teaching our youth the glories of anal sex.  So the only thing left is denying that there is a desire to allow for sex with animals or sex with children.  Even if some are pushing for those, along with incest, with the excuse that morality no longer applies to sex since we've accepted homosexuality, they still aren't officially endorsed by the likes of Savage.  So they get on and trash the only accusation by nonconformers that they can trash.

But what my post really focused on was the idea of continuing to push sexual promiscuity in an age of AIDS.  Call me stupid, but I'm one who is convinced that the ascension of AIDS within a decade of the generation that said 'Drugs and Sex!  What could possibly go wrong?' is no coincidence.  Despite the tens of millions who have died of AIDS, despite the millions infected every year, despite evidence that HIV rates are once again on the rise in the industrialized West, despite the tens of millions of lives emotionally, psychologically, and physically devastated by all of the deplorable side-effects of a sexually permissive lifestyle, never mind the disastrous impact on society, the crux of the gay rights movement and those who support it continues to be 'Sex?  It's natural.  What could possibly go wrong?'

And therefore I pointed out on the Huffpost that to promote sexual promiscuity in an age of AIDS is every bit as grotesquely irresponsible as tobacco companies promoting cigarettes to youngsters when we know smoking can cause cancer.  But since the Huffpost, like most post-modern morality, exists largely on lies, half-truths, and propaganda, and doesn't want a little thing like some kid pointing out that the emperor is naked, they resort to the Left's pet tactic of censorship.

Expect more of the same.  A movement whose basic premise is 'In all things sex, drugs and bathroom humor freedom, in everything else totalitarian oppression and slavery', pretty much has to play hardball lest the word get out and common sense people start asking common sense questions.

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