Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama will win in 2012

We are informed in this piece by the Associated Press.  It's a strange concoction, the type all too common in our age of advocacy journalism.  While conservative media bends over backwards to emphasize as many negatives as possible, the liberal media (AKA, the MSM), bends over backwards to either ignore the negatives or, when impossible to ignore, spin them in such a way to explain that no matter how bad things are, Obama is still great.  Hence a piece that concedes things aren't good, that Americans are worried about the future, that the economy is still 'sluggish', that Obama's handling of the presidency is not seen favorably, yet still finds a Republican pollster, Wes Anderson, who says 'yep, he'll probably be reelected.'  Huh?  Verily does the emperor wear new clothes after all, and anyone who thinks he is naked just isn't getting the vibes.  The media is truly Obama's best friend now, and a friend willing to do anything to see him reelected, even if the fate of the nation must suffer for it to happen.

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