Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So what is homognosticism?

The other day I posted a post flippantly entitled Homognosticism Strikes Again!   Well, it dawned on me that this term really wouldn't mean anything to most of the human race.  So let me explain.  The homosexual rights movement has been one of the greatest examples of evolution in history.  Surely, nothing demonstrates the evolution from one species to another more than the Gay Rights Movement. 

In the beginning, Gay Rights rode the crest wave of our post-war liberal society, where such things as absolute truths and normative values were going the way of the butter churn.  We were to accept homosexuals because who was to say what is normal and what isn't?  A free, enlightened society understands that nobody has a right to legislate morality, or demand conformity to a particular value system.  You could disagree with the actual behavior, but it was their choice to live as they wanted, and a truly liberal culture would embrace that, just as we would embrace the right to not live that way or not to agree with it.  Just watch old shows and sitcoms from the mid-70s to early 80s.  You'll notice the main message being 'who's to say what's normal' as the reason for not rejecting an actively homosexual individual.

Well AIDS crapped all over that.  Just when folks were starting to adopt the media's call for live and let live, when homosexuals were actually being interviewed and we actually saw real life homosexuals asking to be respected for who they chose to be, that it wasn't a disease or disability, and therefore they shouldn't be treated different than anyone else, they just wanted to be left to live life their own way and they would never, ever impose their values on anyone else - BAM!  AIDS hit.  Almost immediately, folks started to ask if it was a good idea to tolerate something that, at least to most novice eyes, appeared to be bringing a rather frightful pandemic into the living rooms of the world.

Well, to avoid the possibility of saying they were wrong, they did what progressives are always able to do, they simply changed that absolute eternal truth of the universe of yesterday.  Suddenly, and without much warning, homosexuality was like being man or woman, or black or white.  It was genetic.  Some gene made it happen.  Something.  It was no more a choice than having blue eyes or being Asian. 

That changed things.  Especially as our society, still smarting over America's Official Sin (Racism), was willing to give carte blanche to any group that could claim discrimination due to genetics.  Our post-WWII sensitivities made such a claim a winner.  Likewise, at the same time, we were increasingly sure that harboring hatred and loathing and even desiring censorship of those ideals we didn't like was just A-Okay.  After all, it isn't as if the majority of the human slaughter in the 20th century was based on ideologies and not on race or anything.

So by the 90s, things were clearly moving in the direction of treating homosexuality like a species unto itself.  Despite the evidence of homosexuals marrying those of other genders and having children and doing the whole heterosexual thing, the emphasis was on comparing the need to be homosexual if you so much as had the slightest inkling, to the need to have oxygen and water.

Now the problem became, of course, what to do with those who don't, you know, by into the agitprop of the post-AIDS Gay Rights dogmas?  What about free speech?  What about freedom of religion?  Well, no problem there, as the post-modern progressive movement gradually weans a generation of Americans into believing that the Bill of Rights is based on goodthink - if you don't embrace leftist goodthink, you don't get rights - a growing number of individuals across our national spectrum have no problem thinking that the rights enjoyed by religious organizations, secular organizations, or even individuals is entirely dependent upon how one reacts to the question: Should gays be able to be married?

Now, despite the fact that in the early days, folks were assured it would never come to such things as gay marriage or polyamorous relations, it has.  Increasingly, we are following certain European countries and simply throwing marriage itself out the window.  Ignoring the generational suicide that Europe has imposed upon itself through catastrophically low birthrates, we are increasingly fine with the notion that all humans should do is have sex with whomever or whoever they want, that should pretty much define them, and it should define the limits of those who refuse to go along.

Still, every now and then, a believer begins to ask questions.  Aren't homosexuals just plagued with all sorts of 'troubles' that seem to be unique to homosexuality?  Don't most homosexuals have problems in disproportion to other folks, even in countries in Europe?  Isn't homosexuality still the numero uno group of AIDS victims in the world?  That's when the inquisitors of gay goodthink come in to rewrite the rules once again.

For now, it's not just that homosexuals are born that way and must live that way.  It's that homosexuality is more than any other behavior.  Procreation?  Why, the whole notion that sex is mainly for perpetuating the species is just the result of eons of homophobic bigotry, most likely the result of the evil Christian faith.  The idea that homosexuals suffer from emotional and psychological problems out of proportion of other demographic groups?  Again, it's the result of vast, global heterosexual conspiracy.  The notion that homosexuals, lesbians, and other non-heterosexuals have issues with drugs, past accounts of abuse, and physiological difficulties out of proportion to the rest of society?  Well, that's when we are reminded that verily hath God made homosexuals slightly better than the angels.  We are told that homosexuals are in every way superior.  Better, smarter, more refined, wittier, kinder, gentler, better lovers, you name it.  There's just no real reason NOT to be a homosexual.  Even if you aren't born that way buster brown, you should want to be that way!

And those heterosexuals who don't enjoy the superior life of a homosexual (who happen to enjoy one of the highest standards of living of most demographic groups in America)?  Well, they are there to give birth, I guess, to more homosexuals.  Sort of like the old gnostics.  Back in the day, some of them concluded that since all matter was bad, and nothing meant matter more than child birth, therefore all women were bad.  They had no souls.  Their only purpose was to give birth to men who did have souls.  And the more our society continues to shape and mold and reform its reasons for everyone accepting homosexuality as normative [superior], I can't help but think it's eventually going to come to that. Hence the term.

Certainly as Dan Savage explains, despite all assurances from the gay rights activists of old, it doesn't stop at homosexuality.  Manufacturing kids in labs so two dads can give birth, gangbangs and orgies and group sex, polyamorous relations and polygamy - why the possibilities are endless!  And by embracing the glorious censorship for the advancement of the post-modern secular Left, we should have no problem convincing the masses to sell themselves into slavery for the promise of a good lay.  Hence the warnings.

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