Friday, September 10, 2010

Mea Culpa

A man who builds churches out of Legos. How cool is that! But alas, it took me about half an hour to get this little post done, and that's why posting has been sparse. Family issues took it out me me since Tuesday, and the computer has been going at a snail's pace. If it's better, I may get a few things put together, particularly on the Koran burning, NYC Mosque, and the amazing change in values we've all seen in how these issues are being treated. There are other fun things, including a Larry King show with Stephen Hawking and at least one Catholic trained in Physics and Philosophy. So that should be a hoot, though the format will not lend itself to serious discussion, as no TV show ever does. So hopefully the computer will be back up ASAP, and I'll be back. To all those visiting and the ones commenting, my apologies again. See you soon.

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