Friday, September 3, 2010

Global Warming Continues to Unravel

Yes, it's from the New York Post, so I'm sure there are some bias issues there, and even some accuracy issues. After all, it's clear that the Post is giving the thumb-to-nose at MMGW. Still, there are facts here being presented that account for the growing skepticism many are having about MMGW. Even after this blistering summer, folks aren't any more convinced. Why? Because we can remember blistering summers in the past. And those of us who try to keep an eye on things may have noticed that the bulk of the days were near record breaking. But that was it, not record breaking. We may have even kept a running tally of the days that broke records and noticed a large number of dates from the 1950s, and the 1930s.

That doesn't mean that the climate isn't changing. Far be it from me to deny what the climate has always done. Nor does it mean all the pollution and artificially manufactured gunk we've tossed into the environment over the last couple centuries, just because we could, has been a good thing. It doesn't even mean we shouldn't do anything to help improve our impact on the environment, and even the climate - what little bit there may be. What it does mean is that the dogma of Al Gore MMGW - that evil human capitalists have brought us to the brink of destruction and only by surrendering our freedoms and voting for socialist leaning liberal Democrats can we be saved - is starting to be suspect. It certainly is making people question the whole 'there's just too many people in the world - it's time to do something about it' argument, even if the media doesn't want to discuss where such things can lead.

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