Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day! The end of Summer and beginning of my favorite season of the year!

These four fellows are what I will be focusing on this weekend. I love this picture, as I always do when a photo captures each of their personalities. That's why blogging has been light the last couple weeks, getting ready for a new school year and the myriad demands and obligations that come with it. Planning on getting back to things more regularly in the next few weeks. Till then, I'm off until Tuesday.

So TTFN To All My Loyal Readers! I know, I know. There aren't many yet. But I only started this blog about 4-5 weeks ago, and already there are several posting, and more visiting. So that's not bad. And quality has a quantity all its own, and the comments so far have been well thought out and interesting - all the reasons for having a blog in the first place. I intend to get to some questions brought up when I come back from the Labor Day holiday, particularly the doctrine of Atonement and some interesting thoughts I had on how the Catholic Church sees things a little differently than Protestants or other faiths. Also an interesting take on JPII and the NYC Mosque that got me thinking. Till then, have a blessed and happy holiday weekend with all the folks and things that have meaning in your lives. See you next Tuesday (in the electronic media sense of course).

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