Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It could never happen in America!!!

File this under 'not yet anyway'. Four evangelists were arrested for trying to witness to Muslims at a Muslim festival in - wait for it - Michigan. That's right, arrested for doing what Christians believe Christ commanded us to do. Of course the jury came back and said no way, they are innocent. So we're not at the place other countries like England are, or Canada is trying to reach. But it's a baby step. Already at sites like Huffington Post, there are many who praise such actions as arresting preachers who speak out against modern norms like homosexual rights. And as I've mentioned many times, we have such esteemed dignitaries such as Barry Lynn saying that only right religions should enjoy total freedom and access to the public forum.

Naturally, in our usual wishy washy self emasculation, many will point out that societies have always drawn the line between what is and isn't acceptable religious practice. Call me silly, but saying religions can't practice human sacrifice is something I accept. Saying that religions can't preach what liberalism rejects is not. Because I am biased, and believe there is a real Truth in the universe that says humans shouldn't be sacrificed while we should be able to proclaim the Gospel. Does that mean I want the laws to reflect my views? Sure. Does that mean I'm being a hypocrite for not wanting others to desire the same? No, it means I'm honest. If they just would come out and admit what is obvious, that they want the laws to protect and promote their Truths and punish those outside, that's fine. Though I still believe a society that outlaws human sacrifice and allows all religions to freely proclaim their message is superior to one that demands all religions conform to only one message as allowed by the government. But that's just me.

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