Friday, September 3, 2010

Archbishop's Aide in Britain calls spade a spade...and gets smacked down accordingly

The has an excellent story that shows the position of the Church in such enlightened cultures as England. Basically, an aide to the Archbishop said England has become a hedonistic wasteland. Well, yeah. From a Christian POV; for that matter, from any type of traditional Western moral POV. Now, look at the reaction. Two things struck me from the article.

First, notice that already there is foot shuffling and uncomfortable belly gazing by those who could be coming to his assistance and standing firm. But as usual, there is an establishment in the Church that does what it can to hamstring anyone who tries to stand up against the growing anti-Christian/anti-Catholicism in our world, and the pre-Christian pagan immorality that accompanies it. No boat rocking allowed! We've seen this before. Happily, there are some cases where folks drawing a line in the sand are beginning to get support. It would be nice if it happened more often (and yes, that includes cleaning shop inside the Church as well).

The second thing that hit me was this little beauty:

Ben Summerskill, from the gay rights group Stonewall, said the comments were "gratuitously offensive". He told the Independent: "The gratuitously offensive comments being made by the archbishop's adviser are hardly likely to promote sensitive debate about respect for religion in the 21st century. You would think that, given its present status, the Roman Catholic church in Britain would be slightly more sensitive about wagging its finger at other people".

You get that? Hardly likely to promote sensitive debate about respect for religion in the 21st century? Who's been trying to do that? Certainly not those on the secular left. Certainly not most gay rights advocates in Britain I've heard. Certainly not those who had no problem with ministers arrested for merely pointing to Bible versus against homosexuality. Certainly not folks like Elton John (I would outlaw Christianity), Richard Dawkins (shouldn't raising your children to be religious be treated as child abuse?), Sam Harris (someday we may need to get rough with these people to get them to abandon their stupid religions I don't like)! This reminds me of the person who has been beating a slave for an entire lifetime getting upset that the slave might be getting tired of being beaten.

It also shows the secular progressive mindset: 'Sit down, shut up, and we might let you live among us as long as you conform to our dogmas and superior, absolute values.' Don't be fooled. Liberalism, sadly, is quite dead. The secular left has killed it, and has no intention of living in a liberal, tolerant, and diverse culture.

So bravo Edmund Adamus! Prayers and support all the way around. Way to expose the Viagra needy impotence among so many in the Church establishment, and way to show the hatred for tolerance of so many who reject the Church and its teachings in the name of diversity and tolerance.

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