Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American television is so gay

Yes, Reuters publishes a story praising our television industry's efforts in promoting the gay lifestyle. The bi-sexual lifestyle. The transgender lifestyle. And pretty much any lifestyle other than the traditional Christian lifestyle. This is surprising how? The only way it's surprising is that it has taken so long. One of the driving forces behind the acceptance of homosexuality has been the entertainment industry's advancement of the lifestyle. Much in the way Ozzie and Harriet attempted to use the medium to uplift an ideal vision of the American family, the modern industry does the same thing. When it talks of "accurate portrayals", that doesn't mean it deals with the overwhelming numbers of homosexuals who come from abused backgrounds, or who suffer emotional and psychological problems, or the staggering amount of drug addiction or STDs, not to mention AIDS and other serious infections within the male homosexual community. Nah. It portrays them as no different than Ozzie and Harriet at worst, superior to them in every way at best. So this story, while interesting in a 'what kept them' sort of way, is otherwise no more shocking than finding out that football franchises spend unusual amounts of money promoting football.

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