Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Republicans yearn to keep screwing Conservatives

Karl Rove worries that conservatives may mess up a good thing for Republicans who don't care about social and religious conservatives. For over twenty years, the Republican party has spent the lion's share of its time making sure that Republican leaders could enjoy a champagne and caviar lifestyle by running offensive linemen for corporate Wall Street interests. How could such an approach help them win elections? Easy. They lied to social and religious Conservatives and told them they gave a damn about their conservative social issues. Such as the fabled 2004 election, where per the advice of crack political advisers, the issue of Gay Marriage was moved to being slightly less important than oxygen, only to throw it down the sewers once the election was over.

Well, 2008 saw a growing number of social and religious conservatives willing to vote for Mickey Mouse rather than for a candidate proud of his social moderation and railing against conservative values. For which president Obama thanks them. But now, with the Tea Party, they have an alternative. And they are capitalizing on this. The Republican leaders, of course, interested in wealth and political power, continue to fight socially conservative candidates under the assumption they can't win. That might be true. But it's really only true because, up until now, the Republican party has put no effort behind promoting socially conservative candidates unless convenient.

So we'll have to wait and see. But I think those voting for the likes of O'Donnell no longer care. Winning wasn't getting them anything. Abortion is still allowed any way you want, and gay marriage will soon be the law of the land. We promote condoms for kids while bitch smacking the Boy Scouts for not letting gays lead the scouts. We are seeing the likes of Barry Lynn say it's time to tell traditional religious types that our country doesn't serve their kind anymore since the First Amendment clearly states that all religions Barry Lynn hates should be banned from the public forum - and more to the point, an increasing number of Americans who think that's true. So conservatives have little to lose by seeing Republicans who care about their values lose. They've been losing for the last two decades that those Republicans who said they cared were winning. Maybe now the Republicans will learn.

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