Thursday, January 24, 2019

Washington Post attempts to salvage some dignity from Covington and fails

That's because it just can't break the Leftist narrative that white, European and American heterosexual Christian men are the manifestation of irremediable evil and the single and sole cause of human suffering in the world.  Everyone else being so perfect they don't need Jesus.

While making a few nods to some overreaction on someone's part, and admitting things are a little sketchy, what with Native Americans maybe not all being gods and blacks hurling homophobic remarks, much of it still comes back to these teenagers not acting 100% perfect and pure and adult and mature and untarnished and flawless.  At least it wraps up with bringing the adults into it and saying since kids, then maybe the adults?  Or how about the adults banging drums in kids' faces and calling them racist names?

No fundamentalist in a tent revival was ever more merciless or judgmental than the Left today.  No kid was ever put to such a brutal test, or told whatever misery they got from being white conservatives who believe in Jesus they at least partially deserve because they have white skin and believe in Jesus and don't bow before the political Left.

This is the dawning of the age of persecution, or Orwellian oppression and suppression of free thinking and liberty.  Note that virtually nobody on the Left is doing anything other than variations on 'well, someone maybe got some things wrong, but!....', followed by why these kids were evil for not bowing before the Leftist god, or opposing mass slaughter for better sex and feminine power, or for having white skin. Or perhaps now the parents.  Otherwise, none.

This is called moving the ball 90 yards forward, and then backing up 5 yards when push comes to shove.  We're still 85 yards removed from a time where we didn't think teenagers would be held up to public derision, assaulted, threatened, attacked, mocked, and have their lives derailed because of their faith in Jesus, the sanctity of life, their opposition to a political party and their skin color.  Thank you New Prolife Catholics!

And yet here we are.  Nobody who is apologizing, even among the better apologizes, such as this one at The Atlantic, goes there.  The Atlantic does admit, on journalistic principles, the epic fail of what we witnessed.  But it stops short of the obvious: that this is purposeful.  This is moving the ball.  And move the ball it has.  The ball is 85 yards closer to an Orwellian tyranny in the best Soviet image, right here in the old USA.  It now has moved past needing to apologize for accusing and hating based on skin color, religion or political positions. 

All we're having is a polite discussion about whether or not the media blah, blah, blah, or Twitter over yon and thither, or adults should have yakety yack, or whatever.  The most obvious evil, the great threat of our age, is still on the table and being hedged about even as we speak.

Imagine what it will be a year from now.  Right now, the press trying to validate destroying the Covington kids based on finding anyone with white skin who might be guilty of something somewhere.  That fact alone should make it clear enough.

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