Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jeremy Kappell and life in the American Soviet

Jeremy Kappell, a meteorologist, has learned about life in the Left's dream of an American Soviet state.  He's been fired because he's white.  Plain and simple.  Ostensibly he substituted the word 'coon' for 'King' when saying MLK's name in a newscast.  But he was fired because he is  white.  That is, it was assume he meant it because he's white, it was interpreted as deliberate because he's white.

Think on it.  Why else would anyone assume the worst in this case?  If he was Black or Muslim, would we assume racism and move to terminate without question?  Nope.  He's white.  Thus the Social Media Inquisition was convened, local politicians demanded the appropriate lynching, and he was fired because he was white.

If you're against racism, you're against this.  If you don't want to see a rise in white supremacy, you're against this.  If you have a modicum of decency or - ironically - if you value the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., you're against this.

If, however, you are a member of the emergent Left, this might be just what you crave.  And if you support this racism, there's no reason to think that a hundred years ago in the South, or eighty years ago in Germany, you wouldn't have supported the bigotry and racism that was all the rage back then.


  1. I forgot who said it but i think the best summation of the modern day is:

    "We have a demand for racism that has outstripped the supply."

    1. Yep. Bigotry is not anything new, and it isn't as if we could last long without figuring who the next 'them' is going to be.


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