Thursday, January 24, 2019

Notre Dame University goes all Covington on Columbus

As more information comes out about Nathan Phillips, who of late attempted to crash a Mass with drums a'beating, Notre Dame does its best Wormtongue impersonation and promises to celebrate stone age bloodshed and renounce all failed Christians of the past.  What a hot mess.  What embarrassment.  Thank goodness it's not a Catholic school!

Sigh.  But that is the way of things.  History is not about the heroes.  It's about those who finally stand up to the evils allowed by those such as the cowardly Catholics of Covington and Notre Dame.  Ones who easily and proudly embrace all the evil, hate, racism and whatever will keep getting them praise and adoration from the peanut gallery and the best parties with T&A. 

It happens.  It always has.  Throughout history, the actual forces of evil and hell have been relatively few.  Unfortunately, those who recognize them as such as typically few as well and, as often as not, relegated to the margins of society since the Beast and the Dragon are always the ones holding the ears and eyes of the masses.  And it's those masses, getting on with life, just trying to get by, who end up making the legions fighting for the next darkness.

Remember, in 1931 the overwhelming number of Germans were not Nazis.  Fifteen year later tens of millions were dead, exterminated in gas chambers or killed in battle, and Germany was bombed into ruins and split with half of its people enduring the terror of Soviet domination.  And this is why. 

Most people, God bless them, are unaware of such things.  Believe it or not, most are just waking up, going to work, paying bills, watching the game, and going to bed (after brushing their teeth).  But then, that's what they were doing in Germany in 1931 as well.  It's those who through cowardliness or intellectual fearfulness jump on board and help the powers of darkness who are in many ways history's true villains.  The villains are always there.  The baddies.  You'll always have criminals on the small and grand scales.  But it's their enablers who are doubly damned for their part in it.

Right now, the Catholic leadership has embraced racism, attacked teenagers, joined with a lynch mob meant to destroy opponents of the Political Left.  And now more Catholic leaders join other Christians in handing the faith's cloud of witnesses over to the pagan and the heathen for their memories to be burned alive, all while tacitly approving of whatever evils any other civilization ever committed simply by virtue of their skin color, national origins, religion and ethnicity. 

Well done.  Just once it would be nice to see the Church get ahead of the game and actually stand firm against the rising darkness, instead of waiting until the body count has mounted and everyone and their uncle is now resisting for the sake of the free peoples of the world.  Just once.

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