Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hemant Mehta condemns Nick Sandmann for smiling too long

YepHere.  I'll say no more on that, since it's too stupid to address.  I will add prayers for young Nick, who has bravely stood his ground against a Leftist Communist assault poised against him and with no support from the Catholic Church, most Republicans or most Conservatives (who at this point have apologized for getting it initially wrong and have happily moved on).  He has threatened the Left and exposed its evil designs, its evil means, and its evil ends, and now there are hopes that he pay the price, or be brutally assaulted.  His family and he and the other students and children at Covington need our prayers and support (some #StandwithCovington maybe? - I'm not a twitter type).  Not just protection from idiocy like that spewed by the always silly Mr. Mehta, but by those who are making it clear this is the country they want, and the country we will pass onto our children:  Conform 100% to each's days malleable standards or it's to the ghettos or the gulags you will go.  

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