Thursday, January 24, 2019

They must hope we think one white kid is the same as another

As the Left continues to try to destroy the lives of teenagers, the Daily Mail picks up and runs with this 'but a white boy said something about rape to a woman (who we know nothing about) and it was rude' story.  And he was white.  And the Covington kids (most of whom are white, but the darker skinned ones don't matter in this case) were nearby.  And the boy had clothes with a giant 'B' on them, so he must cheer for the Bovington Bolonels!  By golly, that's all we need.  If one is wrong, that makes him evil, and all white skins who have not bowed before the altar to the Political Left evil as well.  To the camps they go!

Again, evil.  Wickedness.  This is what leads to all those sorry episodes that we study about in history.  Ever wonder how people could be party to such horrors that make their way into the history books?  You need only look to see where things are in our society, among our elite institutions, and with full backing from not a few who call on the name of Jesus.

Evil is always with us, in every group, in every region, everywhere, in all of us to a degree. It's sinful man in a fallen world.  But the difference is when the powers of darkness coalesce and begin working as a singular movement toward a singular shadowy end.  That's when it ceases to become some backwater stat in a paragraph about life in A______, and becomes the topic of the entire chapter.  We are now seeing the groundwork laid for the chapters of future history books.

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