Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The press tries to dig up dirt on Covington

While radical Leftists fantasize and hope for physical violence or even death aimed at the white skins of Covington Catholic, and the school's own leadership remains noticeably silent, most of the media has done its first round of back-off.

Now when this happens, when the press makes one of its many mistakes that are almost always aimed at making non-progressives look bad, there will usually be two reactions.  One, the press will mention it - very briefly - and then drop the story like a hot potato.

Or it will mention the error, but continue to hope that somewhere, somehow they can find something to validate the initial story.  In this case, digging through the history of Covington High School in the hopes of finding anything that might validate the charge to destroy the lives of its teenage students.

The best they've come up with?  Apparently a few years back, students were seen in blackface yelling at a black basketball player.  Racism!  Until, of course, we found out it was a 'blackout' night (that's become a trend in sports where fans dress either in all white or all black to make the stands a bit bewildering for the other team).  And the black student being yelled at?  He was just one of many on the other team being yelled at, with no apparent examples of anything racist.

Really.  This is it.  People my age remember growing up in the 70s, in the age of Norman Lear.  It wasn't hard to see where those old sitcoms leaned on the political spectrum.  A favorite foil back then for those shows, and comedians, and the press, were the stereotypical old busy body fundamentalists spinning records backwards or looking like John Lithgow trying to ban dancing from the planet.

Well guess what.  We owe those old caricatures an apology, because nothing the liberals back then could imagine is as stupid as what the Left of today firmly embraces.  They are literally willing to take seriously the thought that kids at a blackout might have been doing blackface, and all because they're white and supposed to be racist due to skin color.  And the worst part?  A graduate of a girl's school that blast's Covington's culture of masculinity chimes in to say 'it's never appropriate to do blackface'.  Really?  Blackface at a blackout? Never? Those toxic male types. 

Again, our apologies to the old fundamentalist caricatures of old.  You were never this stupid.

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