Tuesday, January 22, 2019

God protect the students of Covington Catholic High School from cowardly Christians and Conservatives

The Left is the enemy of God, Christ and Christ's faithful.  That much is known.  It also seeks to burn America to the ground along with the heritage of the Christian West.  It's almost flagrant in its desire to pronounce it from the rooftops.  Continuing to believe otherwise is the same as Jews in 1930's Germany insisting things will turn around soon.

And yes, I've often said the liberals of today are the big problem.  They are so obsessed with the tired old narrative that progress is always awesome, and only conservatives who resist change are the true enemies of enlightenment, that they can't see the obvious monstrosity emerging from their own chest cavity.

But if you think on it, this racist based assault against the opponents of the Left has received much of its backing, not from Quisling Christians who have renounced the historical faith and bowed before the altar of the Left, but from those who ostensibly say they are opposed to the manifold blasphemes, heresies, debaucheries, tyranny and mass slaughter for our libidos that characterizes this emergent force of evil in our time.

It was self-proclaimed conservatives, faithful Catholics, Catholic leaders and clergy who jumped on these students at the March for Life with nothing but a clip and media outrage to guide them: Students who were condemned and assumed guilty because of their skin color, their opposition to the Left, and their stance on abortion.  Students who were condemned because we assume the word of a non-white is law simply because of his ethnicity and the accused's ethnicity.  Now the press and others are sifting through anything in the school's past to justify their condemnation, Indians are protesting the school and students are receiving death threats.

The most we're getting from the bold resistance?  Variations on 'we might have overreacted, but those kids were still pretty bad.'  How they're bad, nobody can say, since no evidence has been provided beyond the fact that the students in question support MAGA and have white skin. 

As far as reacting in the way the kids are accused of?  By all accounts now, at least someone among the Indian protesters was telling the students to go back from where they came.  Personally, I came from Marion, Ohio.  If someone tells me that due to my skin color I should be deported to a place I've never lived, expect my reaction at best to be one of snarky bewilderment.  That it is not seen as a problem by such so called opponents of the sins of the age also speaks volumes.

From the wrath of the Left, the duplicity of Quisling Christians, and the Wormtongue Catholics and Pro-Lifers who lack all conviction and cower before the evils of today, God protect the faithful.

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