Monday, January 21, 2019

Teenager attacked by Christians, Conservatives and the March for Life because he is white

Yep.  By now you've seen.  A bunch of vile Trump supporters with white skin assailed a group of peace loving Native Americans and mocked them because that's what people with white skin who haven't been cleansed by the saving blood of the Political Left do.

Except that's not how it happened.  The Native American in question is now giving a different take.  Initially he said he was approached, now he's saying he approached the group to diffuse the situation since nearby Black protesters were taunting and mocking the students (memo: can we look into the Blacks mocking the marchers?).  Now, why he thought getting up into the faces of the students while beating a drum would diffuse anything might be a Native American thing, but even taking that, I have yet to see or hear what these students were accused of.

The poor boy at the center of the storm did nothing at all but stand there and smile (passive resistance anyone?).  And yet, conservatives (always quick to lick up the spittle of the Left in order to curry favor), the Catholic Church and the March for Life were all quick to condemn.  He is a political enemy of the Left, he has white skin - do we need to know anything else?

Even now, the school is hunkering down and telling the press as of today (days after the event), that it's willing to consider expulsion; destroy the lives of the kids: the Left says so.  Meanwhile the Archbishop and the March for Life immediately denounced the white skin teens as the racists they are.  In fairness, the March for Life site I saw has pulled the post (though an apology would be better).

By now we know it didn't happen as initially reported.  Add this to the growing list in the last couple weeks of false news stories and lies promoted by the press in order to attack the Left's opponents and foment new forms of racism, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination.  That so many who call themselves pro-life, much less Christian, are so quick to fall in line behind this evil and oppression just reminds you why we've seen the sad events of history that blemish the Faith's witness.

God protect the teenager who was born with white skin, and dares to offend the Political Left.  God have mercy on those who will take down the swastikas and replace them with whatever symbol of hate and evil that will keep them in the good graces of the beautiful people who get invited to all the best parties.  And of course, God protect us from the day's evils, and keep us from being swept up in them.


  1. Well if you don't have any real virtue then virtue signaling will have to do. The funny thing is that the whole brouhaha was mostly over by the time I heard what was going on. Thankfully, I don't do twitter and I haven't logged into Facebook for weeks. Think about how much richer life would be without social media, like when we were kids. I feel sorry for children today.

    1. My boys say that the Internet can be good, but there is a lot of bad out there. However, they say social media is mostly bad, and whatever good is there is increasingly swallowed up by the bad. I'd say the good news is that social media is being used to get the message out that this kids have been unfairly maligned. We'll see how far it goes.


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