Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Best summary of the Left's America

Yep.  More than any cooked up reasons, it's because they are opponents of the Communist Left.  Allies of the Left, such as Muslims, the LGBTQ movement, or anyone willing to join the lynch mobs, are convenient tools for the moment.  Though with the Muslims, you wonder how the long term will end up and who will eventually get the USA.  Nonetheless, the Left has cultivated martyrdom by proxy as a virtue, and if future generations pay the price?  Eh.

But Kavanaugh, and now Covington, are merely opponents of the Left, and therefore must be destroyed.  Exploiting racism and bigotry and discrimination are merely means to an end.  That so many Americans fall in line - including Christians (good job Covington Catholics!) - should come as no surprise.  Whenever a new evil rises, there will always be those, Christian and otherwise, eager to get in line and buy tickets.

Perhaps the Covington disgrace is the tipping point, as we're watching actual students - children, who normally wouldn't be named even if they committed an egregious crime - dragged through the mud, assaulted, threatened and called upon to be forever punished.  A nation capable of this is capable of this.  And those cheering on the worst aimed at the Covington teens had best watch out.  Eventually the aliens always eat those humans who were quick to hand their fellow humans over to the dinner table. Just ask all of those supporters of Joe Stalin who wound up dead.

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