Friday, January 18, 2019

The Left's ideological gang rape of Karen Pence

Fresh off hating Mike Pence for never being alone with women other than his wife, the Left has found cause to despise his wife as much as him.  Why?  What has she done done to deserve this honor?  She has taken a job in a Christian school that teaches Christian values.  Remember, the Left hates Christianity.  Hates it.  It sees Christianity the way decent people see Nazis or child murderers.  It wants the whole thing gone, dead, finished.  It will tolerate those Christians willing to apostatize themselves when confronted with the latest Leftist demands, but only until the next demand arises and the Christian will no longer abandon or compromise her values.  Those Christians, such as the New Prolife Christians, who follow the Left will have a rude awakening, unless they're prepared to go the full distance and completely convert to the dogmas of the Left by abandoning the Christian Faith once and for all. 

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