Thursday, January 24, 2019

Good news for Covington from the real world of college life

So my oldest is now majoring in political science, with eyes cast toward going for a PhD and being a professor and adviser.   Since being diagnosed with a near fatal fish allergy last year, he decided to leave the path from his much beloved culinary life.  Instead, he'll go for his other hobby - politics. To that end, three of his classes this semester are centered around politics and similar subjects.  In them, the Covington fiasco has come up in each one for two days now.

The good news?  Despite the classes being around 2 to 1 liberal, every single student has sided with the kids from Covington.  To a person, they agree the story was blown out of proportion, that it was based on falsehoods and lies, and that what is happening to the students is entirely inappropriate, if not outright evil.  The attempt to catalog attacks under 'if we find one white skin doing wrong it proves they're all scum' tactics weren't even worth discussing. 

Of course as I discussed it with my boys, we concluded it might not all be pure sympathy on their parts.  It could be simple common sense.  There but by the wrath and fury of the Left go I.  Seeing the foaming at the mouth hatred, the calls for violence, the yearning for bloodshed, the loathing of these students based on the latest designated demographic distinction, the hope that the teens be ruined in life - the Covington kids are not too far from the age of my son's classmates. And they know that could be them next time.   A lesson to us all.

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