Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bishop John Stowe is ashamed of the Covington Students

Not the day the story broke.  Not within hours of the lies and falsehoods that have been walked back by all but the most hardcore leftist outlets.  But on January 23, when we knew virtually nothing that the students were accused of was true.
I am ashamed that the actions of Kentucky Catholic high school students have become a contradiction of the very reverence for human life that the march is supposed to manifest.
I have no idea if he means the things they were falsely accused of.  But, as the good bishop says, they had Trump hats.  And that's sort of the big hangup in his piece.  Because, you see, the Catholic Church condemns the racism and slavery and bigotry that defines America's history.  And apparently Trump means those things. And apparently the students who wore Trump hats in some way exemplified these things.  Even if what they were accused of was false.   They had those hats.

He naturally assumes much about the students because of those hats, their belief in Jesus being of no real matter in the piece.  He also seems to have little to say about anyone else, but I guess that's fair.  The black racists and the Indians trying to break up the Mass and getting in the teenagers' faces aren't under his jurisdiction.

File this under 'with friends like this...'.  Thanks dad.  Way to throw your spiritual children under the bus in order to appease the forces aligned against the Faith and the Faithful.  Hopefully they'll still keep giving to the Bishops' Annual Appeal.  Because I have a feeling those seeking to destroy the students won't be giving a damn thing.


  1. Stowe is a pedophile-protecing, sodomy-endorsing, pro-abortion social justice dirtbag.

    He never should have been made a priest, let alone a bishop.

    1. If it had been the first day, like the others, it would still have been horrible the way he framed it. That he did it well after everyone but the most radical Left have admitted the accusations were false, makes it inexcusable and wrong.


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