Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Root is a bad joke

So I heard rumors that some press outlets were ginning up the anti-Covington stories in light of overwhelming evidence that the initial story was a boldface lie.  Well, this doesn't count.  This is news the way a pamphlet at a KKK rally would be news.  It's a laughable hit piece by someone either too stupid, too lazy, too bigoted or a combination to do any homework at all. Given the narrative that ignores a pile of evidence - including the referenced videos - I'm going more toward bigoted, but I could be wrong.

Be careful.  The news media is far from credible in this day and age.  But it still isn't this sort of bilge, the same type one would have expected in the back alleys of Austria in the days following WWI.  It would take a special sort of head-up-a-donkey's-butt stupid to take something like the linked to story seriously.

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