Wednesday, January 23, 2019

America is already 1/3 Soviet

I meant to post something on this a while ago, before the shame of Covington.  I was talking to some individuals at our church, and they were going over what life is like in the world outside of American Talking Points. You know, what being a Christian in the Middle East is really like, or what growing up in the former Soviet Union was all about.  Now I've known many from around the world over the years, having met no small number in my ministry days due to working with international missionaries.  Some of this was old hat to me.

Nonetheless, I was taken when a fellow from Hungary said, in no uncertain terms, that we're closer than we think.  Reflecting on life in the USSR, and what the older generations said happened in those fateful days of the Communist Revolution and subsequent years, and comparing it to now, it's safe to say we're about 33% (my number) Soviet at this point.  The work of those old Soviet agents sliding their way into our colleges and youth hang outs generations ago are finally bearing fruit.

What are some of the things that make it seem this way to them?  Taught to despise our heritage.  As a rule, apparently, unless the Soviets could exploit something from Tsarist Russia, Soviets were taught contempt for everything that came before the Communists.  Sound familiar?  See Notre Dame's latest move aimed at the old genocidal racist scoundrel Christopher Columbus and the horrorsr of Christian civilization. That's one in a thirty year line of examples.

Another?  An eradication of almost everything believed to be right or wrong, good or bad.  No matter how loony.  If the Soviets found out people believed squares were not round, then round they were. And you had best conform.  Swift retribution against those who questioned or resisted what the state taught.

Consider our children taught the unrivaled evils of America's past, the heritage of nothing but evil, racism and genocide.  See statues toppled and presidents' names eradicated from public buildings.  See Global Warming savable only by liberal politics.  See no gender or inherent connection between sex and procreation.  Things that are common sense, or at least worthy of debate.  Try debating today?  Loss of job, punishment at school, ostracizing or death threats.   Many of these being fully sanctioned by society, our politicians, even our churches.

Another thing?  Group identity.  Not unique to the Soviets, but exploited to the max.  There were no individuals.  Individualism apparently was discouraged.  All were part of the greater state, only some were more part of it than others.  Entire groups were separated and set off against each other.  There always had to be a bourgeoisie for the proletariat to rise up against. And people who were not useful or were problematic?  They were eliminated.  Not just in Siberia or with a shot to the head.  But their very existence was erased.  They were ignored.   You didn't mention them.  They were un-people.

Much like people who don't fall into carefully constructed narratives embraced by our schools, popular culture and press.  Blacks who support Trump, anti-abortion women who want to stay home with the kids, liberals who question gay marriage rights or abortion, Hispanics who oppose illegal immigration, Jewish people who support Israel - the list goes on and on!  And what do we do with them?  Not a damn thing.  They don't exist in most cases, and if you bring them up in a debate, you get a swift kick and a reminder they don't matter, if they exist at all.

No, with the Covington scandal, we can see how far we've come to what Americans once feared, but are now embracing.  The Left, the Communist movement in our country, is getting its way.  Most, of course, are not Communists or even Leftists.  They're the ones either not willing to stand up, or willing to join with whatever powers and principalities happen to be calling the shots.  They are Saruman.  They go with the winds to appease the powers of the East.  Others, of course, are like those Germans living in their quaint villages in 1933, vaguely aware of the news, having no idea that in ten years tens of millions would be dead and their country ruined, with most of them having suffered terrible loss.

But then, more than one from the Soviet Union said the same thing.  The speed was what stunned them.  In hindsight, those living in Russia in 1910 had no reason to believe 1930 or 1950 wouldn't look much different than even 1905.  And yet within a generation, 90% of everything they believed, valued or thought had been destroyed, and those who failed to conform were eliminated one way or another, along with everything and everyone they knew.

As cowardly Christians stand by and throw the Covington kids under the bus in the name of new racism and bigotry, and as Leftists hunker down, spewing hatred and proudly proclaiming their hope that those kids suffer or are beaten because of their religion, skin color and opposition to the Communist Left, and as we see our politicians, religious leaders, media outlets and celebrities at best have a polite discussion, or at worst join in the lynching, I think it's safe to say we're at least 1/3 there.  Though in hindsight, in another ten years, we may look back and realize it was closer to 1/2.

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  1. I think this Jim Garaghty post gets to what you're talking about.

    1. Yeah. I remember years ago someone said Big Brother will never have to break into our homes because we'll happily invite him in.


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