Saturday, January 19, 2019

Prayers for the March for Life

If you missed it, you can be forgiven.  Especially if you're foolish enough to get your understanding of the world from the United States press.  Nonetheless, some outlets have bothered to mention that both Vice President Pence and President Trump addressed the March.

Good for them.  The only hope that Christians who bow before the Leftist altar can have is that Pence and Trump are just putting on an act, and since they haven't personally ended abortion and overturned Roe v. Wade, it proves the logical step is to support the party dedicated to broadening abortion, suicide and even euthanasia rights around the world.  That's like saying since FDR didn't do enough to protect Jews, we're with Hitler all the way.  The New Prolife Christian in action.

The press has had its hands full, in fairness. The Anti-Male Women's March has run into problems because some, especially African American leaders of the march, have refused to renounce and part company with the anti-Semitic and racist Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan.  This has led to some polite and respectful discussions about when it's appropriate to support someone who hates Jews and wants them gone.  But it's also been yet one more wrecking ball in the Left's carefully contrived narrative of only European and American Christians with white skin and penises being the source of all evil in the world.

So as the forces of racism, bigotry, slaughter and oppression suffer setbacks, pray for those who marched in defense of Life's most helpless demographic.  Pray that the Left doesn't pollute it with politics.  Pray that the defenseless be protected, as will those went out to make a statement for life.  And pray for those who serve the powers of darkness and death, that their souls may be reached and their hearts changed to the Father of Life, and away from the Father of Lies.


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