Thursday, January 3, 2019

Black coaches in the American Soviet

There's a story about the Soviet Union.  A man works in a hotel that happens to have a phenomenal wine cellar.  One day, a Soviet administrator is made aware of the high quality of the wines in the cellar.  He promptly orders the labels removed from all of the bottles, lest ideas of unequal quality spill into the Soviet's promise of a singular, flat across the board society.  All must be the same.  Nobody or nothing can be better than anything else.

It's fiction, but written by an author, who is a student of the grand Soviet, aiming to warn us Americans about what's coming our way.  I thought of this as I read the inevitable about five Black coaches being fired from the NFL.

I can't help you when it comes to all of the coaches who were fired, or how they stack up to other coaches that weren't fired. All I know is that two of them - the Cleveland and Cincinnati coaches - were lucky to have lasted this long.  In fact, the Cincinnati coach was almost a travesty, failing to take the Bengals into even one first round playoff in all of the years he coached.  That's practically unheard of. We've already discussed Cleveland's decision to fire a coach who seemed personally committed to delivering as many losing games as possible.

Again, I can't account for all of the coaches, but those two - in any rational, non-Soviet society - would have been fired, probably before now.  It has nothing to do with anything but the job they did, which were failures.  It happens.  When my 18 year old tried for the big time with a major adult, full time job literally within a week after he turned 18, I told him it would be tough.  This is real stuff, safety regulations, federal inspections - the works.  When he made a mistake and damaged some goods, he was fired no questions asked.  He was in the trial period, and they have broad discretion when it comes to terminating employees (from which it gets its reputation of having almost a 90% turnover rate).  I consoled him, but I told him that's the way it works.  You make mistakes, you have to pay the piper.  Welcome to the world.

These coaches made the only mistake that matters in sports - they lost, and lost repeatedly, embarrassingly, and disastrously.  And they were fired.  Whether that means a 823.382384% drop in the proper proportion of a given demographic is beside the point, or should be for a nation not wanting to go the way of Cold War Moscow.

Note, BTW, that the article emphasizes the problem by pointing out 70% of players in the NFL are African American.  Think on that.  It doesn't seem to care that so many Blacks, or so few Whites, are players.  In fact, when that is brought up, we're told to shut up, it's not the NFL's fault that Blacks are better at football than Whites.  And yet suddenly, within the same article - within a few words - quality or performance mean nothing at all when it comes to the coaches, and it's all about the race.

You can't beat the Left for that reason if for no other.  Something that stands on nothing - no truth, morals, values, ethics, consistency, common anything - but says whatever, even two things that contradict each other within the same breath, in order to nudge us one step closer to an extra 'S' in our country's name, just can't be beaten. And so far, its successes suggests it won't be anytime soon.

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