Saturday, January 12, 2019

My answer to Rebecca Hamilton

No.  I will not vote for lies, race hatred, and fear.  Which is why I'll never vote Democrat.  It always amazes me when the side that consistently screams 'we're all going to die!' if the other side accomplishes anything can ever accuse anyone else of stoking fear.  Race?  I'm against racism, including the idea that you can always know someone is an evil racist by their white skin color.  Lies?  That's hardly confined to one party or politician.  Furthermore, I'll not support the party that demands I have a lobotomy and embrace outright moronic idiocy and stupidity in order to support its continued failures and hypocrisy.

Finally, I will not support the modern Left, a hodgepodge of lazy Marxism, Communist wannabeism, Bolshevism, and pining to take on a form of Leninism and Stalinism as it almost proudly declares an end to the right to not be a Leftist.  Literally.  What is her piece but one giant 'we don't care if he's guilty, we hate him and want him gone'?  Why wait to find out if Trump did anything wrong, just send him to the gulags!  We saw the same with the Brett Kavanaugh debacle.  It wasn't people who were stupid enough (or liars enough) who insisted that the joke of a case had any merit.  It was those who said they didn't care if he was innocent or guilty.  Because he was a threat to people that matter, that was enough to destroy him.  They were the ones sounding the alarms and warning bells that freedom in America will be a thing of the past if they have their way.  It will be a new day where the Left can simply destroy your life, reputation, career, or family - because. 

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