Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Supreme Court stands by the Bill of Rights

Well done SCOTUS.  Naturally some are crying partisanship, despite it being the rarest of events in these divided days - a unanimous decision.  This will go ill for post-Christian and post-modern progressives, who were having wet dreams over the thought of finally being able to force all religions to conform to their dogmas or face the consequences.  Barry Lynn is, naturally, crying the blues.  He's been one of the proudest proponents of the new Values Based Bill of Rights (if you don't obey liberal values, you don't have rights). I have no doubt that future attempts to crush the freedom not to be progressive will be made, but the unanimous nature of the decision will make it tough.  That's just so not-what-happens today.  That shows just how out of step such farce organizations as Americans United for Oppression of Non-Liberal Religions Separation of Church and State are from what the Constitution and the traditional rule of American law intended.  Again, well done SCOTUS.  Way to stand up for religious liberty and freedom of belief in an age where so many want to end both.

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