Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Living large on Pennsylvania Avenue

Turns out while millions of Americans were wallowing in poverty, recession, and foreclosures, the current head of the party of the poor was living it up with Hollywood multi-millionaire celebrities, enjoying all that unending wealth and prosperity can bring.  For the kids?  A Halloween party put together by no less than Tim Burton and visited by Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. 

Ooops.  The White House take is that they didn't try to hide this from the people.  Probably true.  The White House doesn't have to manipulate the media - the media gladly does what it can to help.  I have no doubt most Washington journalists heard about this, but like most things today, they suppressed the story, lest it leak out and make President Obama look bad.  Another in a long list of reasons I distrust the media.

For me, it just shows the rank hypocrisy and double standards of the post-modern left.  Anyone my age remembers how the Democrats once proclaimed their party as the party of the poor.  Anyone my age can remember the reaming Nancy Reagan got when she held lavish parties with Hollywood big shots like Frank Sinatra.  Personally, that's what comes of wealth.  It didn't bother me then, it doesn't now.

I just like how the media obviously runs tackle for the White House, and how the Democrats themselves are not even trying to pretend anymore that they are anything other than just one more party of the rich and famous.  And more to the point, how the ones who once slammed Republicans for living high on the hog are now defending the same.   Ah, such is politics. 

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