Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lesbian heretic blasphemes gay gospel

Cynthia Nixon, well known lesbian and star of the family friendly Sex in the City productions, has angered gay rights activists by departing from the official brainwashing dogma doctrine teaching scientifically proven fact that gay people are only gay because there is some genetic or physiological force compelling them to be gay, which is no different than being black or being Asian.  She basically says she's gay because she chooses to be.

Of course thinking people who don't just waddle along, taking in the latest indoctrination of the sex-at-all-costs post-modern progressive movement aren't shocked.  Instinctively, by simple acknowledgement of the complexity of the human person, most realize that the factors which can lead a person towards homosexuality are no doubt complex, varied, and personal.  But never to let a little thing like the obvious get in the way, most who support the simple 'God put a gene in me that made me gay' mantra, for what ever reasons they accept it, have made a mockery of the claim that ours is the really, really, super-duper smart and enlightened generation in history.  Kudos to Ms. Nixon for stepping out and calling a spade a spade.

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