Monday, January 16, 2012

Remember all those decades

Where we were told that children had to have both parents?  Where, in answer to the rising problem of the dreaded 'delinquent dads', survey after study after research project confirmed that children had to have both a mom and a dad, a male and a female presence?  Where to deny children that most needed attribute of family life was the most heinous act a person could commit?

Well, looks like they were wrong!  Guess what?  You might want to sit down for this, but it turns out that gay parents are really the best parents of all!   Sure, they could miss out on that whole male/female presence thing, but does that even matter?  Not according to our latest incarnation of proven fact. 

Not only are homosexuals typically better paid, more intelligent, more caring, better lovers, and more sophisticated than their heterosexual counterparts; not only has persecution of homosexuals been one of the driving forces of history, homosexuals are really among the main contributors to all that is good in history, the Holocaust was aimed at homosexuals, Jews, and some other people, and science has proven that if God exists, he put a gene in people that makes being non-heterosexual the same as being black or Asian - but turns out for twenty to thirty years, we really didn't hear that kids needed both male and female presences in their lives at all!  Where, oh where, did you ever get the feeling anyone ever said that?

This is why, kiddies, I look at most 'scientific' research, especially that which is clearly biased and agenda driven and willing to manipulate facts and data to drive home a subjective belief, with all the respect that folks used to have for traveling medicine shows.

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