Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mark Shea speaks the truth

I'll admit the overall tone of the political discourse on Mark's blog, Catholic and Enjoying It, in recent months hasn't been to my liking.  Some pretty scary stuff floating around and appearing to be tolerated as long as it isn't advocating a GOP candidate or promoting abortion.  With that said, there is some truth and wisdom to Mark's continual appeal to consider the ramifications of how we vote. 

Now, in recent days, the usual pummeling of the GOP has suddenly taken a back seat to the stunning realization that the Obama administration has just come out and, for all intents and purposes, given a one year extension on the freedom of religion and conscience.  Stunning isn't even the word.  It has sent shock waves through the media world, or at least that media not dedicated to reelecting Obama at all costs, which may very well be thrilled at the idea of religion bound and gagged and forced to conform to the dogmas of post-Christian progressive belief. 

Yet before we run and say 'I'll vote for anyone to stop Obama', it's worth reflecting on just how we came to this point, what we've been willing to do to allow it to come to this point, and just what obstacles exist for anyone who hopes to avert the coming storm.  Mark's piece here does a nice job summing up, pointing to a few Obama supporters who have become concerned themselves, and generally reminding us of the gravity of this turn of events. Well done.

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