Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The last dying gasp of the sexual revolution

Has just been drawn.  The promise of the post-Christian revolution of sexual promiscuity was that since humans are nothing but animals, and sex is natural, let's throw out all those silly laws and rules and just do whatever feels good.  A decimated social fabric and tens of millions of AIDS victims later, the manufacturers of right-think have slowly, and subtly, changed that premise to be 'as long as you don't think sex has to be within marriage between a man and a woman, that's all that matters... now here are the following fifty-thousand rules, practices, safety precautions and demands that you must follow.'  Somehow, seeing that Los Angeles lawmakers have just passed a law that will force pornography stars to wear condoms is, to me, the quintessential example of the lie and joke that was the promises of post-Christian sexual liberalism.  In all things sex, drugs, and bathroom humor freedom, in everything else government control, censorship, oppression, and bondage.  Of course, as this shows, maybe not even that.

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