Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you missed coverage of the March for Life 2012 rally

Don't be ashamed, it was tough to find. Once again, hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates braved freezing temperatures to march for the right of unborn babies, over a million of which by the end of the year will never know the experience of life.  Here's a Washington Post story, in the Post Local section, about six or seven links down the Google Search, unpacking the youth involvement, avoiding any final numbers for the march as a whole, and mentioning that attendance was down this year due to weather.  Eh.  You can't be picky. 

Know what I'd like to see?  Just once I would like to see a newscast begin with something like, "Hello, this is the nightly news.  We're about to lie to you.  Really.  We're going to lie, suppress the truth, ignore facts and data, and do whatever we can to push an agenda into this society by way of brainwashing and indoctrination."  If they actually said that, I might respect them more. 

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