Saturday, January 14, 2012

That was yesterday

Or yesteryear.  Has it really been that long?  Thanks to my awesome new computer (ostensibly purchased for job searching) that actually works, I can go back and find things I haven't been able to access for some time.  These were pictures from back in the day, in the first months and year after our fourth boy was born.  Wow, time does fly when you're around kids.  The bitter mixture that is being a parent, knowing that as your children grow into adults, the children they were are gone forever.  Sigh.  Still, we have these pictures, including some from video that our new - did I mention it's awesome - computer can play around with.  Just for the memories I guess.

The older three at COSI to give them some fun after the crazy days of welcoming a new brother

Our youngest buying his first pumpkin, and as cute as one, too!

Our normally understated second son, obviously finding something amusing.

His Cross Country meets don't always go that well, but here's our oldest with great form at the head of the pack.

This and the next two are from a video of our third son playing soccer...

The kick...

And there it goes!

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