Thursday, January 12, 2012

Atheists continue to amaze

Just when you think atheists have made atheism into a joke as much as possible, they drop the bar even lower.  Naturally, the esteemed David Silverman misses the irony.  You see, he and other atheists are pissed that Tim Tebow keeps winning continues to publicly display his religion.  Not that atheists have a problem displaying their contempt for religion in general or Christianity in particular, no sir.  They can say anything they want in any manner in any tone about their contempt and hatred of religion, and that's as it should be. And, of course, for many decades Christians have been bamboozled into thinking that somehow they should keep the light of Christ under a bushel while atheists, secularists, and various Christian and religion hating types run amok smearing elephant dung on what we consider holy.

I know, it's unlikely the Patriots will meet the Broncos with the same stone dead arrogance that the Steelers displayed. So it's unlikely that the Broncos will win.  And no matter why they lose, if it's because of a thousand fumbles, a lackluster defense, a failed special teams unit, all blame will fall fully on the shoulders of our young Mr. Tebow, who is doing much to show that Christians are a hated people today, and hating them is all the vogue, not unlike other groups being hated in other times in other places throughout history. 

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