Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ABC News says Obama right about everything

Or just about everything. Now, you could get this piece confused with an editorial, but it's ostensibly a 'Fact Check' article that finds Obama's State of the Union address to be, well, right on!  Why, just about everything that oozes from the mouth of He-Who-Wants-To-Crush-Religious-Liberty is nothing short of gospel truth.  Oh, there are a few glitches here and there, but nothing - NOTHING - compared to the GOP.  Why, just not being the GOP seems enough in this editorial fact check piece to warrant praise for the grand accomplishment that is Being Obama.  Geesh.  And again, the reason people take the Propaganda Ministry News Media seriously is what?


  1. well since the GOP is for pouring water over terrrosts' heads, I'm going to vote 3rd party. (Yes, I realize the GOP is against the legalized murder of 1.3 million unborns a year and Dems are for it), but I will feel better about myself not voting for either party. Mark Shea helped me form this opinion.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the GOP, I just can tell when something being shoved down my throat when I see it. I disagree with the GOP on the issue of Waterboarding, as much as I do on the subject of making way for big business at all costs. There are other issues as well. That's why I don't take my eyes off the other ball either. Could I support a GOP candidate? Don't know yet. There are a couple I couldn't, a couple I could. I don't begrudge those who go third party or even take, what the Bishops call, the extraordinary step of just not voting for any candidate. But I don't begrudge those who decide to plow in and still try to make changes from within the broken system either.


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