Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why we must indoctrinate our youngest children

Into the glorious dogmas of non-heterosexual normality.  Turns out that kids at a young age have a tendency to look at a family with two 'moms' or two 'dads' with a degree of skepticism.  They also used words that must be banned by our Big Politically Correct Brother.  They must be corrected!  When it comes to Mother Earth, we must have hands off.  But when it comes to human nature, there's nothing we won't distort, contort, bend, maul, warp, or twist.  Especially if the rest of us can feel somewhat justified in our own little secret dalliances outside the boundaries of traditional sexual morality. 

There are questions to be looked at of course.  And there's nothing wrong with fighting bullying, even when it doesn't pertain to sexual orientation.  It's also worth asking why homosexual and lesbian kids who are bullied are more likely to commit suicide.  This is true in other countries where the lifestyles are more than condoned.  Likewise, bullying due to overweight is still one of the main reasons for bullying, and just about every media outlet and government agency has jumped on the bandwagon.  Yet those children aren't inclined toward suicide, even though society, many parents, and most kids are united in their present day disgust of their overweight predicament.

So should we look at this?  Sure.  But methinks the purpose of this study is not to learn.  The purpose is, as the purpose is with so much 'research' today, to arm oneself in order to justify the desire to impose one's value system on the rest of the country, starting with indoctrinating our youngest and most impressionable.

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