Monday, January 16, 2012

Phil Lawler holds up a mirror

And asks gay rights activists to take a look.  Indeed, who is the extremist in the debate?  Our cultural narrative says evil religious types are trying to take away the right of anyone to get married, that they are against 'marriage equality.'  Truth be told, Santorum was onto something when he pointed out, in so many words, that unless you support any combination of adults getting married for any reason whatsoever, you are also against marriage equality for all.  You're simply trying to impose your values of who should and shouldn't be able to be married on the rest of the country.  Since this is actually true, and flies in the face of national pro-gay indoctrination, the MSM and other pro-gay outlets pounced.  Here's Phil Lawler, taking a good look at the entire hypocrisy and laughable narrative of modern 'tolerance'.

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