Sunday, January 29, 2012

Continued shock over media censorship

Regarding the 2012 Right to Life March. It's been all the buzz. An annual event that draws more crowds a year than just about any other event, and if it's mentioned at all, we're lucky. When it is mentioned, it is downplayed, with careful attention given to showing photos that understate the crowds, or giving equal time to pro-abortion protesters who may only number in the dozens. Here at GetReligion, the examination of clear and obvious agenda driven propaganda continues.

It's not hard to believe, if you think about it. We're told that 'history is written by the winners!' That is, we can't trust history because it's written by those in power, free to manipulate and alter the data, if not outright lie, in order to make their side look good. We're told that the press was always a tool of the powerful in our country, siding with this or that group, using its power to advance agendas of empire and corruption, of white racism and prejudice. Perhaps that's all true. But if it is, how arrogant are we to assume it no longer happens just because it's our time now, or we happen to be the ones this media filled with 'winners' supports?

Anyway, it is what the media is. Never to let a little thing like reality get in the way of its established narratives, the media will plow forward, refusing to say the obvious, or continuing to say what anyone can clearly see is not true. Tuscon shooting anyone? That's what it does. That's all it does. If it wants X to be true, then despite all evidence to the contrary, it will continue to repeat X until enough of the population accepts that X is true. It puts me in mind of nothing other than this little gem from The Onion:

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