Friday, January 20, 2012

Chess on steroids

For Christmas we received an extremely cool version of chess.  Four player chess.  It just looked so much fun, I imagined the three older boys playing it along with me and voila!  There we were.  It was tougher than it looked.  It actually ended up going fast since the three oldest of us spent so much time focusing on each other we forgot to watch my 11 year old sneak in and take us out one at a time.  Well, I took out my 16 year old, only to see that I was pretty much five moves from checkmate any way I turned.  All this after I fell victim to my youngest boy's two and a half year old chess moves earlier in the day!  Fun stuff!   

This is not chess for the faint of heart.

There I am without beard, watching the slow onset of defeat.

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