Monday, June 15, 2020

Credit where it is due

So I stopped going to Rod Dreher's blog when he had his meltdown and called upon the state authorities to haul away Christian ministers daring to violate social distancing in order to gather their flocks to worship God.  I said for a man who has made religious liberty the premier issue of our day, that went down sour.

Nonetheless, I see that he has also called down hellfire on everyone running around embracing the death of thousands from Covid-19 in order to decry our genocidal racist Nazi state of America.  Most Christian leaders, as well as a growing number of law enforcement and military leaders, are falling into line and accepting the need to kill Americans for the greater good of tearing down our racist state, per the media's orders. If, that is, the hype about C19 and social distancing was accurate and not piles of BS.

A reminder: we often imagine it won't happen here.  We're not that stupid, we're Americans, the military or police would never let it happen.  Consider both the police and military who pledged to protect and serve our nation who are now 'taking a knee' (meaning, refusing allegiance to our nation - the original purpose of the knee gesture popularized by Colin Kaepernick).  These are not ones who will stand up to the state should the state ever turn against the people.  The ones bowing, taking knees, washing feet and laying prostrate on the ground will be the ones kicking in doors and dragging people off to Gulags on orders by the powers that be.

Oh, and the Christian leaders approving the deaths of thousands to Covid-19, who only a month ago kept people barred from gathering to worship God to save thousands, will also be the ones putting a Jesus stamp of approval on whatever torchlight processionals emerge in Washington or, perhaps, Nuremberg.

Make a note Twiddle; don't trust in institutions and leaders.  They are typically only as good as the heart and soul of the society in question.  Having jettisoned the values and beliefs that got us to a nation of freedom, equality, charity, self-reflection and prosperity, don't imagine those same leaders and institutions will stand firm against the replacement that has the powers that be at its back.  Just because they seem good when compared to the worst bilge into which modernity has transformed our country only means they are good in comparison.  If your standard is remaining three yards back from a movment plowing a hundred miles an hour away from the Gospel, you'll still end up hundreds of miles away from the Gospel.

So kudos to Mr. Dreher.  He may have gone over the edge with the Covid-19, but at least he is consistent.  And one of the great casualties of our age has been a consistent and principled ethic and moral based for our society.  We operate on a here today, gone later today approach of  truth whenever convenient.   That so many leaders have embraced this is one of the things that has weakened our nation and set us up for a fall.  So when someone like Dreher breaks ranks and is consistent, even if I disagree, I tip my hat because that is the only hope for anyone in today's world, the hope of actual Truth, not truth until inconvenient.

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