Thursday, June 25, 2020

Governor Mike DeWine wins one for Religious Liberty

A hateful thought to many 21st Century Americans
By signing a law that will allow religious students in public schools to express their religious beliefs freely.  Naturally that great opponent of non-secular progressive values, the ironically titled ACLU, has fought this like a mad dog.  As have most open minded and tolerant liberal activists.

Their fear is that this will allow students to dismiss science and state their fanatical belief in the world as the great Earth egg goddess.  Which, of course, is ridiculous .  That's simply the same hysterics, stereotyping and fear mongering that progressives always engage in when someone wants to think freely.  Fact is, the law does not allow students to answer the wrong answer in a classroom. If the class taught evolution and evolution is tested, the student must answer what was taught.

No, this will allow students to wear religious symbols, refer to their faith where appropriate in school, stand up for religious perspectives where secular perspectives have alone been given, and generally be free of being barred and banned due to their religious faith.  You know, a freedom of religion thing. 

Which, of course, is anathema to the secular left.  To the left, there is only the freedom to tear down the Christian West and America in deference of a strong Marxist inspired totalitarian state that will shower me with endless free things, including the right to define my gender and abort six million prenatal babies while pursing endless narcissism and decadence. 

That is what the left wants taught in school.  What Mike DeWine did was take an important step in allowing those who don't see such things as the highest values for which to strive a chance to speak out and express themselves accordingly.

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