Saturday, June 20, 2020

Adrianna San Marco is more proof that we are in an Orwell paradise

So back in the day of post-war liberalism, I was in college at The Ohio State University (and yes, you capitalize the definite article).  The Lantern was the school newspaper.  At the point I was at the main campus - roughly 1987 on - one of the big discussions was the complete freedom needed in our social discourse. Time and again staff of The Lantern posted editorials insisting we needed to loosen the bonds of our old puritanical restrictions and allow true freedom of speech to flourish.  Whatever someone wanted to say, however controversial, however 'off color', however vulgar - these must be allowed.  We must be able to use graphic language for sex and body parts and body functions (I remember a specific editorial about that).  We must be able to challenge people, even offend people.  Only in this way can we be an enlightened and free society.  That was the 'All Animals are Equal' pledge.

Fast forward, and we have young Adrianna San Marco who was fired from her post at a university paper.  Not because she dared challenge a leftist narrative within the column of the newspaper itself.  But because she posted her opinion on a conservative website.  She didn't even post it in the newspaper.  She merely expressed her opinion on her own time that the leftist narrative is wrong.  And for that she has been canned.  That is the 'We're sorry, it turns out Some Animals are More Equal Than Others' delivery.

Before I left his site for good, I saw Mark Shea was mocking the idea that banning Gone With the Wind, or pulling down statues, or punishing public figures for speaking out against or failing to align with the leftist party, was anything close to 1984.  That might be true.  Perhaps you can't find a direct parallel in Orwell's dystopian novel to what HBO did or what Mayor Ginther of Columbus, Ohio has done.  But if you trace the arc of post-war communist inspired liberalism, it's not difficult to draw an almost step by step parallel between it and Orwell's cautionary allegory Animal Farm.  In fact, given what we're witnessing occur before our very eyes, it's almost impossible not to.

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