Thursday, June 4, 2020

A world in which Tucker Carlson is the voice of reason

Has to make you wonder.  Here is the link to the story and Mr. Carlson's long spiel.

As a disclaimer, I'm no fan of Mr. Carlson.  That's why I almost never reference him.  To be honest, I seldom watch FOX at all, so know little of his work there.  But I happened to see this, and decided to listen to the whole thing.

He's spot on.  We are seeing a concerted effort to destroy the United States and the Western Christian tradition (what little is left of it).  To that end, lies and falsehoods, evil and violence, racism to replace racism, blood guilt and things unimaginable in America 20 years ago are openly advocated and promoted by our leaders: politicians, religious, celebrities, and those in various forms of authority.  Ans most of all our national news media.  Even police and military officials are starting to sound a lot like racist cops, just ones finding new races to hate.

It's stunning and terrifying.  And those who see it for what it is - let's say conservatives, traditional Christian, or simply sane people of good will - would do well to rethink their faith in various leaders they imagine would stand up to this.  Most Republicans, most Christian leaders, most Conservatives - I heard Limbaugh himself repeating some of the talking points - have joined the fray.

It's all about racism because the cop was white, and what are we but a racist nation filled with vile white racists?  Clearly this cannot be denied; you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.  This is the greatest commandment of the 21st Century America.  And almost everyone on all sides concedes its truth.  That America is defined by its racism, is nothing but a racist nation state of discrimination, slavery and genocide can and should be admitted by all.  So says almost everyone I've heard or read in the last few days.

Kudos to Carlson for calling out this nakedly racist blood guilt ideal.  The thought that my boys, scraping by to put themselves through college, have privilege and deserve nothing as opposed to a suffering man like Colin Kaepernick, shows the level of idiocy and evil that is taking over our social discourse.  The idea that America and all Americans, as oppose to all Chinese or Africans or Muslims, can be accused and condemned is as bad as if it was aimed at those other peoples.  The fact that I'm told I should suffer pain because I'm white and deserve to pay for the sins of other whites is straight out of the blood-guilt playbook. And again, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox!, lay and clergy, conservative politicians and activists, all but endorse these views.   Showing the utter pointlessness in trusting them for guidance and guardianship against the coming storm.

Again, no Carlson fan.  But credit where it is due.

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