Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A defense of Shaun King

And suddenly, this became  all the rage for good American Leftists
Who goes a long way toward proving that Nazism comes in all colors.   As can be expected, Mark Shea rushes in to mitigate the damage of King's Goebbels-like pronouncement.

I know.  I said I would no longer bother with Mark.  I am focused on Christian things, not Marksist ones (heh).  Nonetheless, when I was notified of this my jaw dropped.  After the shock, I realized this was a good case study in 'Daddy, how come so many Christians ended up goosestepping around Nuremberg with a Bible in one hand and a Nazi flag in the other?'.

Now, in fairness, Mark does somewhat, in a very limp-wristed manner, correct King on the assumption that all European portrayals of Jesus are Nazi and therefore should be gathered together and burned.  Mark even goes on to say it would be a damn crying shame if all European Christian art was destroyed.

The rest, of course, is Mark pouring invective and bigotry on our 400 year old racist state of oppression and genocide filled to the brim with 'know nothing Americans'.  That sort of 'As the Nazis hated Jews, so we hate Americans' attitude is, after all, common with those immersed in the Marxist Left.  It's how the Communists have effectively convinced people living in the freest, most prosperous, one of the most charitable and one of the most penitent nations in history that theirs was the worst country ever and it needs burned to the ground.

We won't even discuss Mark's laughable idea that if you're worried they'll move from "racist statues" to crosses, you're to blame for associating Christianity with racism.  That's so lame and stupid and shows such a deplorable ignorance where history is concerned it's not worth debating (not to mention it's happening even as we're watching).

Nonetheless, the one thing that hit me - and why I'm bothering to post this - is that at no time does Mark really call out Shaun King to ease down and suffer for Jesus. Technically Mr. King is, or at least was, a pastor.  As far as I can tell, he's also a Christian.  Shouldn't Mark tell him - and all BLM - to face the bad times with humility and charity?  Face the trials and injustice?  Take it in the cheek for the team?  Embrace the persecution and suffering for Jesus?  He doesn't.  In fact, quite the opposite. Where the BLM/anti-American riots go, there has Mark been defending and justifying them all the way.

That's because Mark's post has nothing to do with the Gospel.  What Mark has written has the feel of 'Christian teaching' but it isn't.  It's the same type of 'Christian teaching' that defended the slave holders in the South, or defended the new regime in Germany in the 1930s, or joined with the Bolsheviks in Russia.  It literally says that no matter what happens on behalf of these movements or institutions to which I am loyal, the good Christian should hunker down and accept their plight at best, or join in at worst.  The institutions or movements, of course, are justified in everything they do.

That's how you know what is happening and what we're hearing from so many Christian leaders is not of Christ.  If they're only concerned about the inherent racism of white people, but make no noise about problems with the black community otherwise, that's the world talking. If they call acceptable or even good what they once called evil, simply because that's where the world is now headed, that's Satan, not Jesus. In other words, if the leaders merely sound like the world, and alter their message to conform to the latest developments in the world, that's a warning sign.

So apparently as the Left has pushed the line and killed, destroyed, attacked, rioted and looted more and more, as its leaders have called for the purge of American heritage and even the legacy of Christianity, Mark has been seen retreating step by step, defending or deflecting from the lot of it.  Even as Christian monuments and statues to saints and churches have been vandalized, Mark has continually side stepped and aimed elsewhere, though he would have condemned such actions only a few years ago.  Again, as German Christians in the 30s no doubt did, or those Christians living in the South 200 years ago.

This is why Mark is a valuable case study in how such movements of evil and destruction and oppression seize the day; of how people you'd think would never do or condone such things end up doing or condoning such things.   The saddest part is, they are now the majority witness in our nation among Christians and Christian leaders.  Again, any confusion about how that could have happened in Germany in the 1930s should now be cleared up.  Remember kids, it can happen here.

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