Friday, June 19, 2020

Chick fil A surrenders again

Dan Cathy know that my son's skin color proves he's a racist
After coincidentally severing ties to charities targeted by the LGBTQ community, CfA's CEO Dan Cathy said it's time for people who look like my 10 year old son (pictured to the left smiling because he's not aware of the guilt he bears for everyone who looks like him) to repent of the vile racism of those who have looked like him through the ages. The finger in the air for moral guidance continues apace.

Chick fil A is as good example as any when it comes to the mistaken loyalty placed by Christians, Americans, and people of common sense to the efficacy of the Free Market.  At least where being a stalwart defense of anything important is concerned.

I think if the prevailing winds said it's time for Gulags, then most companies today would begin donating the tools and materials to build them.  And with the power of multi-billion dollar influence and intimidation, there isn't much the average schmuck on Main Street can do about it.

And yes, I resent Mr. Cathy saying my 10 year old son must apologize due to his skin color.  The growing idea that Jim Crow was the most awesome thing in the world, it merely had the wrong ethnic group, is one of the most stupid developments in an era of stupidity.  That so many corporate interests are endorsing it should explain those racist advertisements and product placements from old.

Again, lesson learned.  Capitalism without Christ is no better than Communism.  In fact, as we're seeing, Capitalism without Christ could become one of Communism's greatest and most powerful allies.

Oh, and no more chicken sandwiches from Chick fil A.  They're no doubt betting on the usual 'non-leftists are loser dolts who will still make us rich no matter how much we crap on them' principle.  Let's prove them wrong.

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