Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dan Abrams learns a valuable lesson

Few journalists were more pre-woke woked than Dan Abrams.  On one CNN round table discussion, I remember hearing him pontificate about the innate superiority of gays over heterosexuals.  Then he wrote a humorous book, Man Down, that nonetheless prompted him to gush over the innate superiority of women over men in every conceivable category of life.

So the man is a woke genius.  But the thing about the Marxist revolt?  It's Marxist.  It's got communism in its veins.  That means, at any given moment today's ally is tomorrow's corpse.  So Dan Abram's law enforcement themed show Live PD has been pulled owing to the Red Scare BLM and its demands for conformity to the latest leftist same-think.

That is one of the things that separated the communists, especially under Stalin, from the Nazis.  In a strange, weird way, once the Nazis consolidated power, Hitler could be counted on to maintain a certain loyalty to those who were loyal to him.   He kept people like Goebbels and Goering nearby even when it was clear they had passed their usefulness to him.  It took him believing that you were out to get him to be turned upon.

With Stalin, and in some ways communism in general, there is a fickleness to the slaughter.  While Hitler maintained a loyalty to some of his most zealous fanatics, the same was not true for Stalin.  It was nothing to see a picture of Stalin as pallbearer for one of his dear friends and loyal comrades he had executed - just because.  For all the evils of the Nazism, there was a cultic, mythical air to it that kept them grounded in their horrific evils.

With communism, on the other hand, it always seems to be grasping for grasping.  Today's truth may become tomorrow's idea punishable by death.  Today's friend, tomorrow's corpse.  Or it may just be random for random horror's sake.  We often say that's what makes the Holocaust so evil.  It was deliberate, planned, organized and aimed at certain people for evil reasons.  The communists, on the other hand, could kill anyone at any moment for any reason.  Therefore not as evil.

Or was it?  Even today, the wokest wokiest wokesters of wokedom are finding out that with American Marxism, you just can't be woke enough. At any moment, the things mandated by the Marxists today could result in you being destroyed by the Marxists tomorrow.  Very much like life in good old Uncle Joe's Soviet paradise.  The same paradise America's liberalism, now revealed as Marxism at best, seems to be aiming at.

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